Why is my TV screen black but I can hear sound

Why is my TV screen black but I can hear sound?

Here are 7 main reasons that can make your TV screen black, but you can hear the sound. We have explained all these in detail here.

Why is my TV screen black but I can hear sound? If your TV screen is black, but you can hear the sound, it is because of power cord issues, broken TV board, problems in the input signals, hardware failure, and faulty TV panel.

Different reasons will cause a black screen on the television. It means that you are getting the audio signals at the output, but video signals are not coming.

You have to analyze the problem and refer to a different solution for it. Then, the proper identification of the cause will lead you to the exact solution to the problem.

Why is my TV screen black but I can hear sound?

Problems with the TV screen are common. In this article, we have explained the real facts involved in faulty TV screens. Many fellows complain that they can hear the sound, but the display is black.

There may be a problem with wires that you are using for making the connection of television in your home theater. The problem in input signals is one of the major causes of this problem.

Never compromise on the quality of input signals at any cost. If you give a better quality of input signals to the electrical system, you will get better output.

Power cord issue

There are different types of power cords that you use for this connection. These types vary from the rating of voltage and current. Therefore, you have to decide the kind of power cord by looking at the kind of system you are using.

The rating of these products will be written on the front side of the devices. You have to pay attention while attaching the power cord to your appliance.

The false power cord will lead to damage to the appliance and decrease its useful life. In addition, the operating expenses of your home theater will increase many times, and you have to spare a lot of time from your daily routine to deal with the issues of electrical systems.

There are different top brands that you should consider while purchasing the power cord. They will provide you a year of warranty in which they will offer you free maintenance and replacement.

The plugs that you will connect to the power cord should be of better quality to get rid of many problems.

You have to plan every step of your connection to manage the tools and equipment for it. Sometimes, the problem will solve by opening the casing of the television screen.

Problems in input signals

The input signals may get distorted because of the low-quality cables used in their connection. Learn about the transmission of the signals that they are coming without facing any problem there.

You should make sure that the system you are making should be free from all types of faults to get better results.

The input signal source should be in better condition to supply the signals from one host to another. If it is weak due to any reason, you should solve it before using it permanently.

The quality of input signals should include your first checking while identifying errors on the screen. Many issues arise due to it.

If you are using any receiver to transmit signals, you have to choose its better quality. It is simple to look for a better receiver by looking at its rating and other parts.

If you are getting input from a longer distance, then you have to manage it to save it from a lot of issues.

The cables and the medium that you are using should be free from all types of faults to get proper video signals at the device’s output.

You will no need to search for a longer time to identify the problem if you keep all things in your mind while operating it.

Faulty TV panel

The panel of electrical devices is sensitive that you have to take good care of it. However, it is simple to check the panel’s fault by looking at the outer side of the screen. If there is any fault at the outer side of the screen, then it will be swollen.

You should note the swelling of the device accurately to note any problem. It is one of the costly parts of the electrical system that will require the right amount of budget.

You can make the feasibility of it to solve the problem after collecting the proper amount of budget in it.

The high cost of the panel will compel you to choose the low-quality panels, but you should not go for purchase before arranging a handsome amount of money for it.

It is one of the significant components of the electrical system, which should be in good working condition for smooth output.

Loose connections

This problem will arise when you have not made all the changes with due care. You should use the plugs and electrical wires by checking the requirements of the appliance that you are using.

A loose connection is dangerous for the system and people near it because it can cause sparking and short circuits. So you should keep a continuous watch on all these things to achieve maximum benefits from it.

It will lead to many other problems in the working of different parts of devices. You have to cater to the problem at the start to get rid of these issues.

You can study step by step by using different websites or searching the user manual of products.

Some systems have separate connections for audio and video. So you have to check that video should be getting proper signals and its cords at working at their best without facing any error.

Broken TV board

You have to analyze that the problem is arising due to which cause. For example, if you see that the integrated circuits of the product are not working and facing any connectivity issues, you can repair or replace them.

It is one of the expensive items of electrical appliances, so you have to try that it may start working after fixing it. Unfortunately, many low-budget home theatres will not afford to replace them because they will cost at least half of the budget.

You should make sure while replacing it that the new board should have all functions and free from all types of errors that cause hindrance in its working.

All the major parts of the device are present on that board that plays a vital role in the functioning of any electrical materials.

Different types of integrated circuits will use on the screen of the room. So you have to choose one of them by looking at the range of the output you want to get from it.

It is simple to maintain the proper condition of the electrical appliances by taking good care of them. You should remove deep scratches on the flat-screen TV.

Check its cables

The cables are playing their role in the transmission of signals from one end to another without producing any problem.

You have to get a simple idea about the working of all parts, and it will allow you to know about which cables will work for your product.

The wires you will use to transmit data should have proper insulation and free from sparking.

The cables will get damaged when you provide fluctuated voltages to them, which will harm them internally and cause problems there.

You can use voltage stabilizers with the circuit breakers to cut the supply when desired voltages are not coming to the system. You can use a power conditioner to save your cables from any problem in the system.

If you are facing any problems in using these things, then you have to tune them at appropriate frequencies.

The tuning at proper frequencies should be your top priority before getting input from the input ports.

The better quality cables will save you from any future problems that can cost a high amount to your budget. You can use wireless headphones for audio.

Hardware failure

Different parts are working in the internal circuit of the screen. You have to check the working of all those parts to trace the faults in it.

If you have outlined pertinent functions that are not performing well by that device, you have to do a proper solution.

If this problem is not resolved at due time, it will prolong and cause a lot of harm.

Different things cause hardware failures to your system, such as extended usages without any breaks, inappropriate voltage supply, and lack of care for your product.

You can resolve these issues with proper planning about its different operations. However, these devices are sensitive and require a lot of care from the owner to deliver more results.

You have to look for all the factors to get proper video output from your home theater screen. Then, you can try different solutions by yourself with appropriate research from various websites and video tutorials.

You should do simple planning for any particular solution because it will help you arrange different tools before starting repair for any experiment.