This website is about home audio and video equipment. We have added thousands of articles about speakers, soundbars, TVs, projectors, subwoofers, receivers, and home theaters.

Hi, my name is Ricky James; I started working in the home audio industry 10 years back. I have done hundreds of private projects where I installed or set up the home theater systems for the customers.

I started Whathometheater.com to help my community learn the best DIY methods to fix, replace, or install home audio and video equipment.

We are starting this website with 7 main categories:

Home Theater Room: In this section, we have added hundreds of articles about home theater room decor ideas and designs. You will find everything that you should know about this topic.

Projector: You can use projectors to watch movies or play games. We have added detailed guides about methods to mount them properly and keep them running properly.

Receivers or Amplifiers: This is my favorite part; you can use AV receivers for various purposes in your room. We have also added types, features, and upcoming amplifiers.

Soundbars: There is a variety of soundbars, and all major brands are manufacturing this product. We have added 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, and 7.1 soundbars along with methods to place them correctly.

Speakers: You can add speakers with your sound system to get better sound. Bookshelf, in-ceiling, in-wall, and floor-standing, we have covered them all in this section.

Subwoofers: You can enjoy fantastic bass with these massive subwoofers. We are adding new products daily along with buying guides.

Television: You can also use large screens TVs in your home and enjoy the cinema-like experience.

You can read the latest articles on our blog.

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