How to hide large speakers in living room?

How to hide large speakers in living room?

Here are 12 best DIY methods to hide large speakers in your living room. People enjoy listening to music in the house, but everyone likes the speakers in a traditional look. Some companies manufacture good length speakers, while others are massive. 

How to hide large speakers in living room? You can hide large speakers in the living room by using a big basket, media wall, paint, in-wall installation, cover box, and fake walls.

There are so many places within your room that you can utilize for this purpose. You do not have to be a designer to plan a beautiful adjustment in your living space.

How to hide large speakers in living room?

In this article, we have explained proven methods to hide home audio devices in your room. All of these methods are being used around the globe and you can also follow these. 

Hide in the ceiling

Home audio systems are generally huge. Sometimes it becomes tough to protect them. The hiding of the sound system can affect sound quality. 

The whole process requires labor and expertise. This process is a one-time task in life. The experts remove the external frame and adjust them to the ceiling by making holes.

The sound-producing area faces the floor side. The sound quality remains clear and loud as it disperses on the floor. 

You can choose ceiling speakers at the time of purchase. These are designed to disperse sound in the maximum area. The adjustment of speakers in the ceiling makes them invisible.

Just because the speakers are higher than your ear level, it does not mean the functioning can become lower. No one can see them at the top, but every individual can hear them equally.

Hide Speakers Inside the cabinet

If you are a founder of traditionally designed speakers or you do not like to install them, then this method is beneficial for you. You can hide your large speakers inside the cabinets. These are not ordinary cabinets like all other wooden shelves of the house.

They are of a unique fiber material that has the transparency of sound. If you place your speakers in a simple wooden cabinet, the sound system can get suppressed. 

You can create an enclosure of your choice following the size and design of your large speakers. Some properties of this customized speaker are as follows.

The design of these speaker hiding cabinets is usually preferred to usual cabinets. These are customized hiding places for large speakers. The structure is large enough to contain the whole speaker inside it. The shape of the cabinet is dependent on your speaker’s size.

They are designed with minimal distortion. The sound disperses equally without any disturbance. There are no vibrations due to the material of these cabinets. Customized cabinets reduce the bass and sound issues, and provide the best traditional sounds without even appearance.

Their material is not wood; they are of poly material. A transparent fabric covers the sides and walls of the cabinet.

This fabric allows the transparent passing of around from the speaker to the external environment.

If it is without this fabric, you cannot hear the sound properly. The volume becomes low, and the music gets unclear.

In walls

One of the most common ways to make the speakers invisible is to install them on the walls. The process requires cutting holes in the walls. The wiring needs professional expertise, which makes the accessories invisible.

Flushing with the paint

You can make large devices invisible by flushing them with paint. Similar paint color with the walls and furniture absorbs big equipment in them. You can place them inside the walls or in the cabinets; it is dependent on you.

Purchase a paint color relevant to the color of your material. You can plaster over these with paint. No edges or grill remains visible in such cases. The sound devices become entirely invisible, but sound quality remains good. 

Make fake walls

If you are designing a customized audio system, then customize your walls as well.

Use acoustically transparent fabricated walls, which have the power of sound dispersion as original frequency.

Such walls are known as dummy or fake walls, but they seem like the tough walls. There is no sacrifice to the sound quality of these fabrics. 

Some fabrics have light-emitting electrodes in them. These LEDs are built-in qualities of such walls, which show magical lighting when you turn them on.

Skilled professionals are required to install these fabric walls and gadgets inside them. This process makes your place more attractive than before in terms of appearance and sound quality. However, you can place the subwoofer on the carpet.

In classic dressers

Various classic dressers are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. You can install your devices at the bottom of these dressers. The process makes the sound devices completely invisible.

Just because the tools are installed at the bottom, it does not affect the sound quality. Professionally experts can install your devices at the bottom of these dressers. These are usually made of wood, and it acts as an insulator for sound. 

The dispersion of sound becomes amazing when you place your dresser in the middle. You should choose rigged furniture of high quality to avoid any distortion of vibrations.

Low-quality wood can rupture due to the high frequencies. This equipment is like an end table with a couch on the left side.

The back of this table is visible to everyone; that is why the installation of the amplifier is carried out at the bottom. You can use wireless headphones with your soundbar for better quality.

Make part of the decor

Some people are attached to their gadgets, and they cannot just put them away. This method is beneficial for such people so that they can keep it near to them. This type of hiding is related to the decor.

Place them with the furniture in a way that nobody can dislike or question them. You can paint with the same color of your furniture. In this way, people can relate to it as a part of the decoration.

You can put these on the left and right sides of your television. Placement of these tools can be carried out at the corners of the walls. You can install ceiling speakers in a two-story house and they will look great.

Media wall

You can build a media wall for hiding your extensive voice tools. The walls should contain only media devices like television, woofers, and a multimedia player. You can decorate this wall with flowers or digital wallpapers. 

You can also make them invisible by placing them following other devices. This way, the voice bars remain in front of the eye, but no one finds them excessive. This method is useful, and you need no professional help for this setup. 

Paint large speakers

This method is one of the most useful ways to make sound devices invisible. You can paint your sound tools and then place them anywhere. 

Heavy layers of acoustic paint can affect the sound quality, apply a thin layer, and use spray paint. You can disassemble the cones, wires, and other components, reinstall them after drying of the paint. People cannot differentiate between furniture and decor. This method makes them invisible in their presence. 

Use a Big basket

You can conceal your large speakers in a big wood basket. Decorate this basket with flowers and other stuff. You can design this concealing basket according to the size. 

Place this basket anywhere, this appears as a decorative item. You should paint the wooden basket with a thin layer of paint to make it like furniture.

There must be a transparent fiber in it, which allows the excellent dispersion of amplification. The sound quality remains good, and the basket secures large gadgets gracefully. 

Stylish Speaker box cover

You can buy an elegant cover box for your home audio equipment. The cover conceals its body completely. You can also design a customized cover box for sound devices.

Various boxes have specific colors and funky designs on them, which add to the beaut. The sound boxes do not affect the sound quality and allow maximum amplification for each individual.

Hidden room

You can build a home voice tool for hiding your speakers. This is the right area for concealing your sound devices. Design a window for your tools in the bar.

Placing them inside the windows of the devices makes them a part of the area. The placement does not affect the sound quality; the dispersion of amplification becomes more versatile.