Can you place a soundbar on the floor?

Can You Place a Soundbar on the Floor?

Your soundbar can get damage if you place it directly on the floor surface. Some people put their sound setups on the floor on purpose; others do this by mistake. 

Can You Place a Soundbar on the Floor? No, You should not place the soundbar directly on the floor, it can damage the wires and decrease the sound quality. Instead, you can place a soundbar on a wooden stand that is fixed.

It is not recommended to place it on the floor, but people do this. There are certain disadvantages associated with floor placement.

When you place your system on the floor directly without any precautionary measure, it gets unstable.

The amplification gets disturbed, and you hear breakage in sound. The distortions in the sound quality are due to the unstable surface.

Can You Place a Soundbar on the Floor?

If you want to save your system, then do not place it on the surface directly. Put it in the cabinet of your home theater. You can also set it on the surface of wooden cabinets. Wood can work as an insulator for sound systems.

Choose a plain wood surface

The surface of the cabinet must be understandable and without any ups and downs. It can be the upper side of the cabinet. Moreover, you can also place it inside a cabinet with an open door.

In this way, you can achieve better remote control of the volume. You can set the system vertically or horizontally, depending on the whole setup.

Select good quality wood and make sure that the sides and surfaces are smooth. You can choose the wood color according to the furniture’s appearance. If you do not want to do that, buy a simple wood piece.


Measure the soundbar then and adequately start cutting wood. There must be an area of the wires as well. Cut wood pieces of four equal sides.

There should not be any rough patches or roughness on the upper side. You can also use your soundbar as a Bluetooth speaker.

Uneven surfaces can lead to disasters in terms of plastics and metal surfaces. Moreover, the sleek structure is so smooth, and even that’s a small scratch or line becomes easily visible. You can also make a small box for the wiring, but it is not compulsory.

Shape the box/stand

Join all sides of the wood with the help of nails and bolts, using the hammer. Bring the wood pieces into the shape of a box. 

Once the box is ready, you can paint it with a particular color. Put newspapers or rough sheets on the floor. Place the box over it and start painting. Spray a thin layer of paint all over the box. Allow it to dry for at least thirty minutes. A wet stand or box can put irreversible stains of paint on the music device.

Place a soundbar

Put your system on the wood surface or inside the cabinet in a way that no one can see the wiring. Hide the wiring behind the gadget or adjust it properly.

You can conceal the wiring by tapping wires to the sides of the cabinet. No one can see them in this way, and you can protect them from breaking and cuts. 

Some people do not want to put the system on their television. Sometimes the colors of the devices do not match each other. In such cases, you can make a small stand at home.

Adjust the mat in the corner where you want to place your machine. This box works as a stand for your system. Make sure the position is not very high, it should be near the ear level for maximum hearing and good quality of resonance.

Adjust Wiring

Adjust your stand at a position where the electrical plugs are near. The wires of the tool must be adjusted in a way that nobody can seem. If you place the wires without any setting, someone can be trapped in them.

This can result in the breakage of cables from any point, and the whole product becomes useless. Set the cables in the wire box or on the sides of the stands with tape or nuts. You can use your AV receiver with a soundbar.

Why would you place a soundbar on the floor?

Most of the people put their gadgets on the floor due to some negligence. People lack proper knowledge about them and their adjustment.

Some of the primary reasons behind this placement are as follows Lack of expertise, hurry to use, No suitable walls.

Lack of knowledge

It is one of the primary reasons due to which a person places it directly on the surface.

Everyone needs better sound setups for their living rooms, bedrooms, and even houses. People are not adequately aware of the pros and cons of this type of placement. 

Hurry to use

Everyone is a music lover nowadays, and he or she wants to hear loud and good music. Whenever someone buys a sound system, they do not know how they can use it properly.

Some of them even place the audio equipment on rougher surfaces. This placement results in irreversible damages to the sound system. 

No proper walls

Sometimes it is not a choice but is the only option left. Many buyers are those who do not have walls for mounting them. Due to this reason, they place their sound system directly on the lower surface, which is not desirable. 


The rough and rigid surface combines with sound frequencies. As a result of this combination, not only the sound quality becomes poor, but it also affects the gadget.


It creates inevitable fluctuations, ultimately the music breaks, and you can hear vibrations in the background. These waves are not desirable, and people get annoyed by hearing them.

Sometimes due to the rigidity or uneven platform, the equipment starts vibrating and results in disaster. You can lose your whole sound set up by a simple mistake.

Absorptive surface

The surface of the home contains moisture in the air. Humidity is not suitable for home audio equipment.

When you put it directly, the moisture starts getting inside. It can become moist, and the machine stops working correctly.

Sometimes the system gets bubbles on its structure. It is not a good idea in any case and specifically when the surface has moisture. You can add wireless headphones with your home audio devices.


The wood surface does not affect the plastic and steel as compared to the concrete surfaces.

Even the tiles have a terrible impact on the external body of the speakers. Due to bass and increased vibrations, the system moves over and over again.

This results in the formation of small to irreversible scratches.

The lines and deep scrapes not only lower the market value but also demolish the wiring. You can clean the projector lens from inside with a soft cloth. 


Everyone wants to hear music to their ear level. This method helps you to listen to the sound near to your ears in a better way. You can consider this adjustment as a floor placement and enjoy the music without any disturbance.

Better amplification

The sound system provides better amplifications when it is on a stable surface. You achieve a better sound quality with clear lyrics.

Game lovers can get better sound effects by doing this adjustment. The variety of music and other sounds gets extremely clear. You can also use the 3D glasses from the movie theater at home for a better viewing experience.

Fewer places 

If you do not place the on the television cabinet, then you have to put it somewhere else.

These are usually very sleek and slim in their structures and take the minimum area. It is a good idea to put them with television and other media appliances. 

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