How to Clean Projector Lens From Inside?

How to Clean Projector Lens From Inside?

Here are the 19 best DIY methods to properly clean dust from the projector lens from inside. We have also added the required tools along with this step-by-step guide.

How to Clean Projector Lens From Inside? In general, you can clean dust from the projector lens from the inside by using a wet cloth and a brush. Apply alcohol-free wipes, cleaning sprays, and fiber-free wipes for better results.

Dust can accumulate on the lens of your projector, and it can lead to a murky cloud on your image. In addition, the dirt on the lens reduces the brightness and sharpness of the image. 

How to Clean Projector Lens From Inside?

The cleaning of the lens can reduce the expenses of future repair. The removal of dust is a simple procedure without much effort and expenditure.

Tools required 

The required tools are air for compression, cleansing solutions, Fiber free cloth, and tissues.

Turn off the projector

The lens gets hot when you use it for more than three hours. So, you should turn off the gadget before starting this procedure.

Move it towards you

All devices have their directions. If it is away from you or in the opposite direction, turn it towards you. It can help you with the proper cleaning.

You can see the device thoroughly. For setting the tool towards you, just hold the device a slightly move it in your direction. 

Remove the upper part

Every model is different in shape and size, so you cannot open them in the same way. Consider its manual for a proper understanding of the structure. Mostly there are buttons on the surface.

These buttons help in the opening of the whole device. Follow the instructions on the manual and start opening the gadget. First, remove the upper side of the device so you can approach the inner parts.

Blow air 

In this step, you should carry out the blowing of air inside the gadget. The strokes or bursts of air should be small.

You can use three to four short bursts at the same place. The blowing of air carries out with a nozzle bottle.

Detect the dust and then blow air in those places. Next, move the nozzle gradually in the middle. The compressed air removes all the dust particles.

This is one of the most effective ways of removing dust. You can continue the process around the fan for better results.

Remove dust with a cloth

Use a clean cloth for the removal of dust from the inside lens. You can use a lint-free or fiber-free cloth for wiping all the dirt particles.

The microfiber cloth must be dry so you cannot enter any moisture in the scrubbing process. Moisture itself is harmful to the surface and image quality.

Use wet cloth

Use moist cloth if the dirt remains accumulated after air blowing or a microfiber cloth.

A wet cloth that has only been dampened in water can remove the last traces of dirt. Pay more attention so that you should not damage it with moisture. 

Overall cleaning

After cleansing the inner side of the gadget, move to overall maintenance. First, clean the dirt over the cap of the lens. Next, you can put a small amount of cleaner on the tissue.

Gently wipe it in a circular motion. Cleaners can dry quickly, so there is no need to leave them for drying. Once you have finished the procedure, cover it with its cap. 

Clean Fingerprints from a projector lens

If there are fingerprints on the projector lens, then use these methods.

Use lens blower

First of all, turn off the gadget and allow it to cool down. Now use a screwdriver and open the body. Finally, access the fingerprints over the surface.

You can use a blower for cleaning from inside. The blower should contain the compressed gas inside it. The gas container should be in a standing position. 

Spray two to three bursts of compressed gas gradually. The burst of gas must be short; otherwise, it can break it. The distance between the tool and the gas container must be four-inch approximately. 

Use Brush

You can use brushes for the cleansing of fingerprints. These are specially designed for delicate products. They are soft in nature and texture.

While using a brush on it, you must move it in a circular direction. This method is beneficial to make sure that the tool is a hundred percent clean. Make sure that the brush hair is clean before using it for cleaning.

Use alcohol-free wipes

Lens cleaning wipes are available in the market at economical rates. These are already moist, so there is no need to dampen them in water or any other cleaner. Instead, take one wipe and move it in a circular motion.

The wipes are wet with cleaner, but these are alcohol-free. Alcohol is not suitable for use on electronic products. It can heat up to an extreme level, and in combination with alcohol, it can catch fire. 

Use sprays (alcohol-free)

There are some cleaners available in the alcohol-free market. They are in the form of spray bottles.

You can spray a small amount of cleaner on the surface. Use a fiber-free cloth for scrubbing. Do not spray the cleaner directly on it.

Use towels

Put a small quantity of cleaner on the towel and clean the fingerprints off it.

Move the towel gently in round motions. Keep on wiping until you wipe out the last traces of fingerprints.

Round movements are the most effective way to clean it thoroughly. Always use a small amount of spray. Do not spray the cleaner directly; it can cause damage.

Circular cleaning

No matter what you are using, either it’s a wipe, tissues, or a towel, move it in circles. The movements should be delicate and soft. 

Hard movements can result in the breaking of the tool. Instead, use your hand to scrub it from inside. Do not put the cleaner on a hard brush or stand. Instead, move your hand in round motions.

Use quality products

The cleaners should be alcohol-free. They should not harm the quality in the future. If you are using a brush, then it must be bristle-free and soft.

The cloth for wiping should be fiber-free, and it should not leave any threads. Thus, it does not compromise the wiping products, especially when you are removing dirt or fingerprints from the inside.

Fiber free wipes

Ready-made wipes must be fiber-free. The wipes should not leave any fiber on them; otherwise, they can blur the image.

The quality of the image can be disturbed if the quality of the wipes is low. 

A short burst of spray

If you are using a spray to remove dirt or fingerprints, use a small burst of spray. You can spray three to four times, but the amount of spray must be small in quantity.


You can enjoy movies and other visuals without any visual disturbances.

A clear image appears on the screen without blurriness. However, it can result in bad image quality, and it can be annoying in some situations.


Don’t touch the bristles of lenses; otherwise, they can break. Likewise, you should not use your old T-shirt for your gadgets.

The cloth can put extreme scratches on the surface of it. Do not use your fingers directly; it affects the quality of the image.

You should not use low-quality wiping products for your device. For example, do not use glass sprays; otherwise, it can destroy the visual quality.

Never use alcoholic products or flammable gas. The heated projector reacts to these things and can catch fire. Also, you should not clean the inner side with breath. 

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