Can You Use 3D Glasses from the Movie Theater at Home?

Can You Use 3D Glasses from the Movie Theater at Home?

3D glasses help people to enjoy their favorite movies at the movie theater, and it feels like all the things are real and happening right in front of them. Using these glasses while watching your favorite movie is a very mesmerizing experience. You can also use these in your home for the best experience.  

Can You Use 3D Glasses from the Movie Theater at Home? In general, you can use the 3D glasses from the movie theater at your home. Many cinemas use RealD 3D glasses that give a flawless visual experience, and you can use them in your home theater room. However, cinema glasses will not work with an active 3D system.

The glass size and the type of your television all contribute to giving you the best watching three-dimensional movie experience.

Can You Use 3D Glasses from the Movie Theater at Home?

If you want to use the 3d glasses in your home theater, you only need a monitor or television that can endorse the passive 3D technology. Unfortunately, there are only finite models of LED and LCD televisions that can support RealD 3D glasses.

If you have a plasma TV in your home theater, then you cannot use these glasses with that television.

Comparatively, monitors have lesser choices then television. You can play games with passive three-dimensional monitors, you can use these while playing your favorite games in three dimensional.

Which 3D Glasses Movie Theaters Use?

Usually, the cinemas use these glasses of RealD. These are known as three-dimensional passive glasses. These are usually cheaper and are available in the market easily; that’s why mostly cinemas use these.

Do you remember the green and blue glasses used for 3D movies in the previous era? Those glasses were passive 3D glasses. The new black 3D glasses used today are also passive ones. These filter the light and give a fantastic view.  

They can polarize the picture in such a way as some fragments of the picture are visible from the left side of the eye and other from the right side of the eye. Their working depends on the picture source.

The picture in three-dimensional cinemas is fabricated at twenty-four frames per second of every eye. It means you will get a total of forty-eight frames in a second.

It can lessen the reflection and flicker. You can add a soundbar for better sound quality, however, you should never place a soundbar on the floor surface.

Passive Vs. Active 3D Glasses

Active 3D glasses are most common; these are widely used. But they cannot work with every type of monitor and TV. 

If we talk about passive 3D technology, it does not require any type of external power supply. Passive glasses work without any external power.

Accessibility: Accessibility is another important thing. Active glasses projectors are quite cheaper; that’s why their availability is more convenient. Generally, these are more realistic models for home use.

In passive three-dimensional products, a large number of audiences can watch while using the same viewing device. As we all know, passive is a good one to work at home, and people can purchase it for use at home. 

Price: Prices are the significant differences between these two products. Active 3D glasses are higher in prices, while others are lower in prices. 

Image quality: Actives have better image quality, but it has a glimmering image, which makes the quality bad and creates the disturbance. Active 3D technology is considered to be cheaper for use at home. It gives the better quality at low prices. 

 Whereas passive have a low price, but their projectors are costly. Generally, it all depends upon your budget.

If you can buy the costly one, then go for passive for a better image, but if you don’t have enough amount, then you can choose the other.

Comfort: Comfort is an essential component. As we all know, active glasses have the super technology in it, and that’s why these are quite heavy. In addition to it, they have thick lenses in them, which make them uncomfortable. 

Both technologies are mentioned as glass technology, which also gives the impression of the image. Which type of image they both produced, but let’s have a look at these technologies that which one is better?

Passive polarized glasses are generally utilized in movie theaters. They use the somehow same technology which we have used in our childhood like Red and blue 3D glasses.

Typically, these glasses are used to filtrate the image so that everyone can see half of the image. 

Active 3D technology has the ability of power sources that are the reason they use more convoluted glasses.

These have shutters in them, which make the image half and every eye sees half of it. They take very quickly, and your brain thinks that it is the three-dimensional image. Moreover, you can see the full image of 1080 by this.

Eventually, the image produced by the projectors and TVs is cheaper. They are also attainable to the home market. You can also use your soundbar as a Bluetooth speaker.

Getting the most from the 3D experience of viewing

As we know that we can use the cinema 3D glasses at our homes now, it is time to check how can we get the most out of this amazing technology.

It will be more exciting to unboxed the TV, but there are some points which are worth considering.

Ensure using a backlight in the room

You always want to watch the movie in the darkroom just to get the exact feeling of an actual cinema. But this is not a good idea at all. 3D TVs produce quite bright images. 

When you watch the movie in the darkroom, then your eyes will be tired quickly. Also, you will feel a headache.

To resolve this problem, you can simply put the desk lamp just behind the TV and its point should be towards the wall.

The desk lamp will not affect the quality of the image, but it will give the reference point.

The reference point in the room will expand or contract according to the situation. It saves your eyes from eye fatigue.

Check depth intensity settings

This content is usually different in handling like games have an adaptive environment, whereas films have standard static settings. 

When you are going to switch between two, then you must have to pay attention to the settings.

Lower depth intensity may be giving you the most out of the film or a game, but it can be annoying for you to change it for every time. 

Set the display

First of all, you must look at your setup keenly as if your display setting is right for optimization or not.

When you keenly observe your system, then you can easily set it according to your own choice. It will provide you with more adjustment inconvenience.

They are perfect in quality and show excellent results. They show how appropriate your TV is. If you do not have this Blu-Ray player, then you can quickly get the one online or from the nearby local store.

Latest technology in 3D Glasses

3D technology has changed a lot with upgraded features. For the home televisions, there is a technique that is usually used is called Active Shutter technology. 

This active shutter technology is also called the LC shutter technology of glasses.

They are made with the latest technology, and that’s why they are comparatively more costly than traditional three-dimensional products.

By using this Active shutter technology eye can see up to sixty frames in a second.  

The typical three-dimensional products have batteries, while upgraded ones are made with electronic shutters.

These shutters can speedily alternate the image between the eyes. In this fast process, the eyes do not fathom. 

A three-dimensional television can send two different pictures in the full resolution.

In contrast, this latest technology can provide the best ways to watch the movies on the newest screen like a plasma TV. 

Why you should use 3D glasses in a home theater room?

You can view movies in 3D on television or a monitor if your gadgets are compatible with each other. 

If your glasses are too big for your eyes, you cannot see the whole image. These are available in different sizes in the market.

These are designed especially for adults and children. Make sure you are choosing the best suitable size that can fit on your eyes.

With time, technology is improving even further than shutter glasses. Now center polarization technology is replacing the previous ones.

It is a stereoscopic technology for projection that produces the centrally polarized image instead of producing linearly.

The benefit of this technology is the viewers can even lean their heads while watching the movie without facing double images. 

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