Can You Put a Soundbar in an Open Cabinet?

Can You Put a Soundbar in an Open Cabinet?

Many people place their soundbar in the cabinet, thinking it is suitable for its function and sound quality.

Can you put a soundbar in an open cabinet? You can put a soundbar in an open cabinet by measuring the size of the soundbar and space in the cabinet. In addition, you should never place it in a closed cabinet to keep it functional. Furthermore, power circuits are present near the cabinet so you can connect its cables for a smooth connection. Therefore, making your cabinets more ventilated and spacious is better for proper connections and good-quality sound.

It would help if you made certain changes in the cabinet to place the sound system better and improve its function.

You can get the following benefits by putting your device in this place.

Improve the sound quality

Soundbar speakers produce sound from their top, and sound waves disperse on the sides.

You can listen to good quality sound in your room because of its dispersion in the whole room.

You can place it in front of you in an open cabinet and enjoy quality audio.

You should not expect a bad audio quality because nothing can hinder its sound from reaching you.

When you position the audio system at an open surface, there may be no need to increase its volume.

Place your device at this place, and you will hear a clear sound.

Smooth Connections

When you mount your TV set above the cabinet, you can see the power circuits near it.

It is better to put your soundbar at this location to connect your system with the cables easily. 

Soundbars are available in two forms, so you can either use them wireless or with wires.

These cables are not lengthy, so you can put your gadget in an open cabinet for better cable connections. Normally, its wires are around 8 to 12 meters.

You may have to make an extra effort to connect it with wires if you do not want to put it here.

Recently, I purchased a soundbar and put it in an open cabinet below my TV set. This helped me to establish a smooth connection due to power circuits near this location. 

Simple arrangement

Do not use any adhesive for placing the soundbar in this arrangement.

The look of your interior in the living room remains classy and neat.

Mostly, you do not need to mount your soundbar because they are movable. Instead, you can place it on a stable surface for better results.

Ensure that no other equipment is covering it, and it can perfectly catch the remote signals.

Many people adjust their new soundbars without messy wires here so that your arrangement looks simple.

How to prepare a cabinet for placing a soundbar in it?

You should make your cabinet airy, spacious and provide more area for better connections.

These changes make the audio system more functional and improve its durability.

It is better to make it almost 2 to 5 inches wider around all sides for better functioning.

You should have a minimum of one shelf to adjust one soundbar; however, it can vary with different designs.

Make it airy

When you turn on your soundbar, the flow of electricity starts in it and causes overheating.

This may not be an issue if you are not using it regularly, but eventually, it can damage your entire audio system.

Therefore, you cannot enjoy the function of your system for a longer duration.

It produces more heat than average due to the unavailability of proper ventilation.

Ensure adequate airflow around it before placing it in the large cabinet.

Adequate ventilation can fix this issue, and it can make your soundbar function for a longer duration.

You can also install a fan in your cabinet to make it airy and prevent its overheating.

Area for connections

You should use good-quality wires to make your soundbar sound good. These wires will also work best with your TV, and you can listen to neat audio.

Use another optical wire for connecting the cable box and TV and turn on all equipment.

It is better to modify the output setting of your soundbar and then alter the audio setting on the TV.

You should provide enough area to adjust wires and their connections properly.

The area required by the soundbar depends on two things:

First is the soundbar’s input options, and the second factor is the availability of space around the device.

These cables connect to your gadget and TV and digitally transfer audio to the soundbar.

Therefore the sufficient area ensures secure wire connections with your device.

You cannot enjoy the good-quality sound due to a loose connection to the soundbar.

One of my friends had the same issue of low-quality sound.

He was facing an issue of undesirable sound effects due to bad connections of cables with the gadget.

He fixed this issue by placing the sound system in wider and open spaces.

Make it spacious

Your cabinet should be spacious enough if you want to put an entire audio system in it.

Ideally, its space should be much more than its actual size.

You should not expect your system to work better if it is placed in a closed cabinet with less space than its size.

Last year, I faced a similar situation, where my soundbar was not working correctly due to the small cabinet size.

I fixed this issue by using a larger cabinet that was spacious enough for my sound system.

Therefore, my suggestion is that you should never place any electrical system in a closed space with less air flow through it. This can only damage your audio setup.

Why should you not place a soundbar in a closed cabinet?

You should have complete information about the size of your audio system and space in the cabinet.

You should not place soundbars or speakers in a closed cabinet.

You can make the setup spacious and ventilated, but it is better to change its place and adjust it in an open cabinet.

When you place a soundbar in a closed cabinet, its sound waves are blocked, and you can only hear low-quality audio. In addition, it will damage your entire system, and you may have to replace the soundbar.

Consequently, these sound waves will not distribute appropriately in the whole room.

Therefore, soundbars can heat to some extent, disturbing their normal function and poor sound quality.

You can mount it in the open space that is present at the top or below your TV or place it on a stand near the TV to get better results.

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