What Does Long Throw Projector Mean?

What Does Long Throw Projector Mean?

Long-throw projectors provide vast and clear images. You can fix them at one point, and then the throw remains stable.

What Does Long Throw Projector Mean? In general, a long throw projector means a projector that produces large images from a long distance of around 7 feet to 10 feet with an average screen size of 105 inches. The middle ceiling installation enhances light throw, and they offer bright images with around 2500 lumens to 4000 lumens. Also, reducing the distance generates smaller pictures. 

You should decide about the projector according to the space and setup of the home theater. For example, it can work from a long spot, but a central ceiling mount is advisable. 

What Does Long Throw Projector Mean?

It means a response of a projector at a long distance from the screen. Thus, there is no disturbance in performance due to the long space between both things. Select high stands and tables for the placement of these devices.

What is long-throw projection?

The long throw of a projector means the large pictures on the screens. It is due to the presence of these particular systems on the ceiling. 

It is suitable in the middle of the room ceiling, and these are vast rooms than others. Its light spread is immense, and it can reach every corner of the living room. 

You can adjust them away from the display, and the distance can reach up to 10 feet to 12 feet. It can also increase the image size enhances according to the installation condition.

How to calculate the long throw of a projector?

These projectors produce an image with a particular width that is slightly shorter than the screen. The throw distance is the area between the projection system and the presence of the display section. 

The relativity of the throw distance with the picture width is the overall calculation of the throw. It is approximately a division of throw ratio and the vast range of a picture on the screen. 

The calculation is according to the non-changeable criteria versus the appearance of variable screen size. It determines the size of the image from that particular distance. 

The long-throw projectors remain at least 7 feet away from the display. You can divide the distance of this throw ratio with the width inches of your appeared image.

It changes according to visual production and other interfering conditions like the design of the screen. 

30 Examples of Long Throw Projectors with their features and specifications

These projectors deliver awesome quality displays and come with unique features and specifications.

Projector model Lumens Response time Mount Contrast ratio
Optoma High-performance Movie and gaming projector 3700 lumens 8ms Ceiling Mount 50000: 1
LG CineBeam Home Theater projector 3500 lumens 7ms Ceiling Mount 40000: 1
4K outdoor and home theater projector 3900 lumens 2.9ms Ceiling Mount 20000: 1
Optoma Enhanced gaming mode projector – Home cinema 3800 lumens 6ms Ceiling Mount 40000: 1
Viewsonic white Home theater vertical keystone projector 4000 lumens 5ms Ceiling Mount 50000: 1
OMMC Laser Home Theater projector 2800 lumens 7ms Ceiling Mount 30000: 1
YABER outdoor and home theater compatible projector 3900 lumens 7ms Ceiling Mount 50000: 1
BenQ Accurate colors Home cinema projector 3400 lumens 6ms Ceiling Mount 70000: 1
Optoma High brightness 4200 lumens 10ms Ceiling Mount 45000: 1
BenQ Home Entertainment projector 3700 lumens 5ms Ceiling Mount 70000: 1
Optoma indoor-outdoor affordable projector 3800 lumens 3ms Ceiling Mount 50000: 1
Optoma Bright gaming home projector 4200 lumens 6ms Table and Ceiling Mount 60000: 1
Optoma light professional projector 4200 lumens 4ms Table and stand Mount 30000: 1
Optoma Gaming true input lag projector 4200 lumens 6ms Table and Ceiling Mount 1000000: 1
BenQ HDR Home theater projector 3300 lumens 6ms Ceiling Mount 50000: 1
Optoma High performance indoor Home theater projector 3400 lumens 4ms Ceiling Mount 25000: 1
BenQ Dynamic dark contrast Home theater projector 3700 lumens 6ms Ceiling Mount 70000: 1
BenQ bright business projector 3500 lumens 7ms Ceiling Mount 18000: 1
Optoma cinema superior image laser projector 3200 lumens 6ms Table Mount 1400000: 1
BenQ 3D Home theater projector 3400 lumens 6ms Ceiling Mount 20000: 1
Optoma smart Home theater projector 2700 lumens 5ms Table and Ceiling Mount 130000: 1
BenQ smart Home cinema projector 3300 lumens 6ms Ceiling Mount 60000: 1
Optoma ultra high definition Home theater projector 2700 lumens 7ms Table and Ceiling Mount 125000: 1
FANGOR portable high-performance  3400 lumens 5ms Stand Mount 50000: 1
GooDee bright projector 3900 lumens 7ms Ceiling Mount 120000: 1
ViewSonic Home and office projector 40000 lumens 5ms Ceiling Mount 90000: 1
ViewSonic portable auto key stone projector 3300 lumens 7ms Stand Mount 70000: 1
ViewSonic Dual HDMI Home projector 3700 lumens 5ms Ceiling Mount 90000: 1
ViewSonic input lag for gaming projector 3800 lumens 5ms Ceiling Mount 120000: 1
ViewSonic white lens shift projector 5200 lumens 4ms Wall Mount 60000: 1

High performance at long distance

They have high performance when you place the projector at a long distance. For example, adjusting the system at a distance of 7 feet to 8 feet provides excellent throw results. 

This distance has no adverse effect on the picture quality. The utilization is prominent for those rooms and halls that are long enough to accommodate multiple people. 

These are also suitable for the presentations and other such activities. You can change the distance between these variable values.

Everyone in the room gets similar and desired results due to these systems. Furthermore, there is no minor interruption in data for several hours due to advanced features. 

Excessive use as home theaters

The home theaters are vast systems with sound speakers and other gadgets. These projectors are beneficial to produce brightness and images from a long distance.

The adjustment of people becomes convenient, and you can also change its position. They remain portable even in-ceiling mount conditions. 

The home cinemas utilize these long throw projectors than other systems. As a result, they offer quality visuals without any disturbance. 

The selection of these items is comfortable according to your placement space. 

The professional representatives also guide about the adjustment and installation gets convenient for the buyer. 

Handling of power source

They have no effect of differential electric power source because the adjustment requires long distance. You can add extension cords in this setup for the precise adjustment of all-electric wires.

They can handle electric power and the shortcomings without any difference. The image on display remains stable despite electrical surges because it can tolerate them. 

The insulation of the top and the internal surface protects from melting and burning conditions.

Make sure that the electric button is on and power is passing through the passage. 

Excellent outdoor performance

They are one of the best setups for outdoor presentations and other activities like movies. The daylight does not affect the brightness of these systems due to the powerful lens. 

The internal bulbs adjust according to the settings, and it throws maximum light on the screen. They absorb surrounding light, and deflection of light interference occurs.

The audience gets image results even in the presence of high light conditions. 

No specific requirement for screen

They do not require any specific screen for their long-throw projection.

You can use a non-smooth fabric or any other surface for the projection of light. 

The data appears on these surfaces even from a long distance. 

No image transformation

These projectors work without any image transformation, and everything appears in a similar direction.

The information remains intact throughout the display activity. Therefore, there is no conversion of any sign, and no duplication occurs. 

It is a demanding factor because they offer information without any modification in all conditions.

Quick response

They have a quick response in terms of light and throw than many other projectors. The distance does not affect the overall system performance due to built-in qualities.

The throw is fast on the screen, and there is no other complication. Moreover, their bulbs are efficient in these procedures because they offer lumens. 

The lens keeps the data clear on the front display center. No delay in the performance makes these devices worth it.

If you accidentally turn it off, then the system takes few seconds and provides the relevant data.

5 Things to consider before buying a long throw projector

Always consider your available facilities before buying the new projector. These require space, and you will have to mount them at specific locations.

There are minimum chances of image flickering. Maintenance of throw distance depends on the room size and people inside it.

Installation space

If you are planning to make a home cinema, then you must have plenty of space. 

Consider the space before buying these items because they require particular installation conditions. 

The surrounding walls and ceiling are also prominent factors because they offer spots for adjustment.

Observe the spots which have curves in the particular room, and they can hide the interference of outside light. 


The handling of these projectors is challenging for a new user or buyer. If you do not adjust those at a distance, then the quality of the system declines. 

Make sure you know the utilization of taking professional guidance. Leave the installation to an expert person, and he can fix it without any technical issues.

Availability of foot space

Though the long throw projectors take no effect on the foot space in any room, it is a dominant factor. Measure the foot space between the sitting arrangement and screen distance.

It can also minimize the effect of shadows on the screen. Settlement of the chairs or any other sitting setup depends on the location of the device.

Therefore, consider all these factors before buying these particular projection systems. 

Stability of machinery

Check the internal light bulb and projection lens before purchasing these items. The quality of the lens is the primary thing, and the bulb cannot produce effects without it.

Few selling companies offer warranty policies, and you can consult them anytime during this period. Again, these are a beneficial facility that decreases the repairing and other costs on these systems. 

Moreover, make sure that the machinery is stable, and retighten everything in case of a mechanical problem. 

Design and appeal 

These vary slightly in shape and have different colors. Select it according to the other equipment of your home theatre.

It should not appear as an odd instrument because it remains visible to every person in one area.

If you already have projector mounts in the ceiling and you should select the new setup accordingly.

It protects the user from reinstallation conditions and the maintenance of electric connections.

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